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Cozy Bedroom

10 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Cozy

October 26, 2016


With cold weather around the corner, here's a list of tips to keep you cozy at night! We help you enjoy the #sleepofyourdreams


1) Hot water bottles, popular in the UK but for some mysterious reason not so in the US. My fellow Americans, we can learn something about cozy beds from our friends across the pond!  Here's a heart-shaped water bottle that also tells your partner how you feel!


2) Cozy up with flannel sheets in the winter, or (borrowing another trick from the Europeans) just a flannel flat sheet between your top sheet and bedcovering = yummy!  Read more about how to choose the right flannel sheet for you here.



3) A fluffy comforter and pillow-like mattress topper will make your bed a dreamy cloud.


4) Lighting, lighting, lighting. Pinterest is full of cozy beds decked out in white twinkle lights like Christmas. But an even simpler way to upgrade your lighting is to switch out your lamp’s lightbulbs with one with a warmer glow. Extra points if you install a dimmer! Dimmers in the bedroom = romantic mood lighting!!  See the light bulb buying guide here.


5) Color! The color of your decor, from the paint to the sheets, will set the mood in any room. You want to make sure you pick the right color scheme for a warm and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. White sheets and warm earth tones are our recommendation.



6) Wash your sheets weekly!  There is just something delicious and cozy about climbing into bed at a fancy hotel that has freshly laundered sheets tucked in tight. Clean sheets are one of life’s little luxuries!


7) Everyone will tell you that lots of pillows equals a cozy looking bed. Faux fur accent pillows or homemade accent pillows made with your old cable sweaters are always personal favorites.  Your sleeping pillows should also be considered… have a variety of firm, medium and soft pillows... especially on the guest bed because you never know what your guests will prefer.


8) Blackout curtains are a MUST.  Even if you have regular curtains you should draw them at night to create the coziest ambiance!  These cotton or silk blackout curtails from Pottery Barn are inexpensive and handsome.


9) Share your bed with a furry friend. We apologize to everyone out there with fur allergies, you have to miss out here. Fun fact: some lap dogs were bred for the very purpose of keeping their owners warm at night.


10)  Wear socks to help you fall asleep faster and keep you warm overall, according to  Read more here:  Also: wearing socks is even helpful to your sex life!



 Here is a bonus tip: Aromatherapy! A cinnamon candle or lavender diffuser can really make a difference in making your bedroom a serene retreat.

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