A Perfect Color for Bed Sheets?

Surprisingly, there’s a lot of conversation out there about the color and pattern of one’s bedsheets. I was just on a forum where members  discussed the wild color combinations--pink, lime, superheros and American flags- that bedecked their bedding. One member commented, “Exciting [colored] bed sheets are not conducive to a good night’s sleep.” Would you agree?  There’s truth in that statement, but there’s more to a good bed sheet than meets the eye.


As an artist of sorts, I’m the first to agree that color, light and pattern have a very real and important effect on our psyches. The shade of our clothing, our walls, our rugs, our curtains and yes our beds can set a very distinct mood. Colors can soothe, or they can excite, even in the bedroom. In fact the National  Sleep Foundation conducted a survey on the effects of bedroom environment on the quality of sleep. Among other factors, they determined that color of the bedroom walls and of the sheets themselves can directly affect our sleeping!


The magic color formula according to the NSF? Pink walls and white bed sheets. Apparently “the color pink has a tranquilizing effect and can calm hostile or angry emotions brewing within. It can also calm the muscles and help relax the senses, removing negative emotions from the body. This effect can be achieved even by spending just 10 to 15 minutes in a room painted pink.” It’s acknowledged however, that a pink room makeover might not be within reasonable limits. An easier solution-- invest in white bedding. The NSF maintains that “the clean effect that is reflected by the white sheets and pillows” aids and abets better sleep.


So back to the quote from the illustrious forum member. We can all agree that color is important in many aspects of our day and night as well. But when it comes to your bedding, you must look beyond that perfect match with your decor, even if already pink. Take into account one even more important factor than color of the fabric:


Ultimately, when you have a decent sleep environment, the quality of your sleep will depend on how your sheets actually feel. You may have the brightest white sheets on the market, but if they are rough, scratchy, slippery or confining you won’t experience a restful slumber, despite the pretty pink of your walls. You might be bursting with patriotism as you slide under your stars and stripes, but if that sheet is hot when you need to breathe, you won’t be rising refreshed.


When you have finally found the most comfortable set of sheets ever, no matter what the pattern, when you turn out the lights those sheets will afford a blissful sleep you never new existed. Find the “right feel” first, but then do pay some attention to the color. After all it’s been proven to matter! When you’re in need of extra relaxation after a stressful day, take a tip from the ASF. Invest in comfortable bedding in a neutral, soothing hue. Light neutrals or pastels might appeal to you, but there’s a reason all the hotels offer sumptuous white sheets. The clean, relaxed feeling you experience upon sliding into those pristine white folds arguably makes for some of the best sleep ever. Take that experience home--find the sheets that truly feel the most comfortable to you and second, choose them in a tranquil hue. You wont be able to deny the results after a few nights!



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