Consider Summer Sheets

It is a wonderfully glorious time of year in New York City. The rains and snows are gone and people have shed their drab overcoats. Out in force on the streets, everyone’s very glad to walk in the clear sunny weather.

At home, people have shed winter comforters and moved to lighter bed coverings. This is because New York landlords are the first to notice warmer temperatures and they’re famous for reducing the heat to apartments as soon as they can legally do so.

Yet most New Yorkers will not change their sheets when they change to their warm-weather blouses, shorts and shirts. Like people all over the country, we continue to use the same sheets all summer that we used during winter. Exceptions for the flannel people :)

Why not change to warm-weather sheets now that summer’s dawning? When summer sheets versus winter sheets make as much difference as summer clothes and winter clothes, how can you feel more comfortable at night?

There are three approaches to creating cool summer sheets. Percale sheets have a relatively tight weave so they don't bend very easily. The result is your sheets stay distant from your skin, allowing for lots of free air to circulate near your body and keep you cool.  The second approach is loosely-woven sheets with lots of space between the yarns, allowing for body heat to escape through the gaps. Inexpensive low-weight microfiber sheets, while draping close to your skin, can be surprisingly cool. A third system of coolness is linen, an age-old fiber that is relatively brittle and which generally is loosely-woven into sheets; the combination provides lots of circulating air for exceptional coolness. Also able to absorb up to 60% of their weight in water perspiration, linen sheets are favorites as the king of coolness.

When summer arrives and you find yourself changing to your lightest summer clothes, why not consider the extra comfort you’ll enjoy sleeping cool and airy all night long? Consider changing into summer sheets and enjoy better sleep with any of the above solutions.