In Search of Perfection: Testing Sheets on the Job

Making the Bed is Now a Thrill

As part of the Perfect Linens team, I've spent months assessing our intended products at home. All of the sheets have 'passed' testing in the FEEL lab, and my at-home tests are one small part of the process which determines if they'll be offered on the site. Talk about perks of the job--I've been able to experience some absolutely incredible sheets, that I never even knew were out there, and never dreamed of trying.

With each product appraisal, I get excited all over again. My husband does too, since he’s not the one constantly changing the bed.  He’s experiencing the sheets totally blind, whereas I already know what sort of attributes cause each sheet to stand out. Imagine my enthusiasm when his impressions actually match up to the description I already have of each sheet.

Share in the Experience!

This humble little series , the Search for Perfection, shares with you the stories of the perfect linens you’ll find on the site. Each is remarkable, each completely different- yet  all of superior quality to any sheet I’ve encountered before. It takes a good deal of time to narrow down the outliers through testing...I’m already getting impatient for the next trial set of sheets!


Meanwhile, I'm finding more tidbits about sheets on the Perfect Linens Facebook page. Take a look!