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Why am I all of a sudden the sheet expert?

January 26, 2015

As silly as this may sound, until about three weeks ago I did not consider myself much of a sheet expert. In my mind the experts are those who have been in sheets their entire careers. But the truth is I have come a long way since my first days with Perfect Linens when I didn’t even know what thread count means, but just thought, higher is better.

Three days before Christmas my younger brother texted me: Any recommendations for sheets for Margo?


My heart sank.  And not because I didn’t have a recommendation.  Quite the opposite; I knew exactly what she would like. She’s go-with-the-flow, open hearted and loves a good morning lie-in – something warm, cozy and just a bit silky would be just right. The only problem was, Perfect Linens is still in the testing phases of this particular sheet and it wouldn’t be available for Christmas. And without testing, how could you possibly know whether a sheet was any good or what it would feel like?

My brother insisted that I must be able to give him at least some guidelines. And of course he was right!


After a moment or two I told him, “Look for a sateen weave in 100% cotton, 300-500TC, single-ply, and preferably Pima or Supima cotton; steer clear of Egyptian cotton. That should give you at least a decent chance of finding something good.”

I still didn’t feel like much of a help because I knew it quite possible to follow those guidelines and still end up with a sub-par sheet. But to my brother, facing the literally thousands of sheets available, these simple guidelines were a godsend. It was at least a starting point.

And it appears that his sense of bewilderment at the world of sheets was not unique. 

You’re not alone


I was at a family wedding last year and taken by complete surprise when my job became the hot topic of conversation. Here we were, all of us surrounded by friends and family we rarely see, and they couldn’t stop asking me about sheets.  “Thread count isn’t the way to find a good sheet?” “What is percale?” “What is sateen?” “So, how can I tell what I like?”

I am constantly surprised when I find myself at the center of these conversations, but I am realizing that people are practically desperate for information that might actually help them find a good sheet.


So, how did those sheets turn out?

So, did my brother actually find anything good?


At first use, the sheets were delightful! After a few washes, when their true quality has started to show (an entire future post unto itself), they are good, but, unfortunately, not quite as perfect.

I certainly don’t know it all yet, but I am more confident than I ever have in the past. If you’re feeling desperate, let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll help you find it. Leave a comment on our Facebook page or share the post with a friend who you know is looking for some guidance.




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