My wife was insulted -- I was thrilled

Guests deserve better sheets, right?

We recently invited friends to stay in our home.  My wife and I use basic, hard-working sheets.  And like good hosts, we provide our guests with better sheets – in this case opulent, extremely expensive sheets from a top Italian brand.


Shocked Wife!

Which is why my wife was absolutely shocked when our departing guests told her they didn't use them!  They had brought their own sheets and preferred them to our zillion-dollar Italian sheets!  My wonderful wife felt insulted because she puts a lot of effort into finding and caring for sheets that would delight our guests.


Thrilled Husband!

Meanwhile, I was completely thrilled: Our friends had validated the basic premise behind that each person loves the sheets that are perfect just for them.  


To our guests, the silky, buttery-smooth, dry-clean only sheets were no match for the pair they brought with them.  They like their sheets more than those from the “Sheet experts!”


Makes Perfect Sense:

Now that my wife has rethought it, she’s completely sympathetic. We love our own favorite sheets and maybe we’ll travel with them!!   Have you ever considered taking your own sheets along on your travels?  Select a social media button below and let us know!



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