Happiness Is A Well-Made Bed

Life is moving too fast these days. The endeavor to live both a home life and a career- and to live them well- is a constant one, which all too often seems a losing battle. I’m always looking for ways to preserve serenity and simplicity in my day, and I’m not alone in this regard!

Which is why I make my bed each morning. You’ve all heard the philosophy before. Making the bed as soon as I can after rising for the day affords me a small slice of serenity. Visually, a neat bed reduces clutter and feelings of stress. Mentally, I’m left with a precious feeling of accomplishment-- a catalyst that remains with me all day, inspiring me to stay ahead. 

I make my bed as an escape. Ever feel the need to just leave town, home, the office, the kids, and just get away from it all? That feeling of retreat to calmness is a reason we all love beautifully made hotel beds.  That same serenity and relief and simplicity is possible at home...as long as I maintain the habit of hospital corners with my own sheets. (And, for the record, I no longer store anything under or around the bed! )

And so at bedtime in my own humble abode, I’m greeted by neatly arranged bedding and a sense of relief.  No fussing with the sheets, no clutter, no stress.*   Why can’t the rest of my day be like that too?



*Learning to fold a fitted sheet helps!



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