Let It Snow-We're Ready with Flannel Sheets!

Depending on where you live, the weather has been shifting and it's probably not all that pleasant. Here in New York we've been bundled up for weeks now, just waiting for that inevitable blizzard. But this winter, we're looking forward to the cold, and to bed time, when we can crawl into our incredible new flannel sheets, "Let It Snow!"


In our FEELab, "Let it Snow" ranked the smoothest flannel over time.  Abrasion from laundering and usage causes flannel surface fibers to cluster into fiber balls ( those pills) which roughen the fabric feel--you've surely seen this happen on your other sheets. The genius of "Let it Snow" is a unique shearing process to trim the length and reduce the quantity of surface fibers, so you can wash these sheets over and over and not see any icky little pills. This is what a pilling tester looks like:

A Pilling Tester in our FEELab.


Flannel is different from other fabrics because of it's familiar fuzzy feel.  That warm fuzz is created by napping a sturdy base fabric with metal brushes, which raises surface fibers and creates millions of insulating air pockets that retain body heat--so cozy! Weighing a sturdy 5 ounces per square yard, "Let it Snow" is 10% beefier than regular flannel sheets but not the big, thick pilling flannel that gets rough and scratchy. 

If you need any more convincing, let me assure you my husband and I love these Let It Snow flannels. One of the perks of working with Perfect Linens? In-home sheet tests. For weeks last winter we washed and used flannels from a big box store (blue) as well as our Let it Snow sheets (white).



What did I notice? Let it Snow felt softer than any sheets I've tried yet. All flannel sheds when first washed, but excessive lint stabilizes after several wash and dry cycles. (Some shedding  is to be expected with the first wash--all that lint you see in the dryer filter.)  But I was amazed that, consistently during multiple wash/dry cycles, Let it Snow shed only 1/3 the amount of lint as did my big box sheets! When I held the big box set to the light after several washes, I could see bald patches appearing where the nice warm fluff was disappearing. Not so with the Let It Snow. These fantastic Portuguese sheets are still holding up to much use a year later in our home. 


I can honestly say I'm excited for cold weather this year and even a blizzard--I'll get to stay in bed! What are your favorite cold weather sheets? Let us know below or drop us a line on our social pages.