Raise Your Glass! "Toastmaster:" The Warmest and Softest Sheets Ever

The weather outside is frightful, but we've got news that's so delightful!

If you're searching for the softest warmest bed sheets ever, you're in luck. Announcing our "Toastmaster" microflannel sheets!


Fuzzy-surface sheets like  "Toastmaster"  and cotton flannel "Let It Snow"  take the chill out of climbing into bed on cold nights.  The sleep experience is completely different than with other sheets; the instant touch is warm rather than the instant cool from sateen and especially percale.  Imagine a flannel versus a dress shirt-- warmth greets your every move! 

Uncommonly drapable “Toastmaster” fabric sits closer to the body than cotton flannel for an experience that feels like you’re being hugged. Don't worry about pilling! These sheets won't develop pills (small fiber clusters) with extended use and even better, the original softness  of the new sheets will last permanently!

Science is the Secret!

The pleasant warmth of “Toastmaster” is the result of an intensive brushing process that raises millions of surface fibers from a base fabric. The fibers create insulating air pockets that retain body heat.

 The soft genius of “Toastmaster” begins with Japanese-designed yarn with internal fibrils significantly more pliable than cotton. Patent-pending devices pack the yarn closer and tighter than conventional woven or knit fabrics.  A rare napping process teases ever-smaller filaments closer to the surface of the fabric. The result is an ultra-soft field of fibers with an exceptionally smooth and even surface.  The silkier touch does not feel as dry as cotton, which absorbs water (that means perspiration). The water vapor passes through microscopic fabric gaps so “Toastmaster” is best in colder or low-humid environments. These sheets can feel sticky in warmer rooms -- recommended for people who like to turn down their thermostats. What a great way to save on your heating bill!

"Toastmaster" sheets will last through winter after winter.

The rich, fuzzy surface of the fabric will not develop bald spots. Unlike polyflannel sheets that are too fragile and thin to withstand napping except on one side, "Toastmaster" sheets are brushed on both sides. These microflannels have a similar weight as cotton flannel but significantly denser, richer fuzzy surface. 

And if you think it can't get any better, Toastmaster sheets are easy maintenance. They dry faster than cotton sheets, don't shrink, don't lose their color, and are permanently wrinkle-free. That means less time doing laundry and more time snuggling up during the cold nights!

What kind of sheets do you love in the wintertime? Share your questions or comments below!