Holiday Gift Guide 2017

The Holidays are here! 'Tis the season to spread joy and cheer! The expectations are always high to give great gifts, and sometimes those expectations fall flat (we're looking at you and your fruit cake, Aunt Debbie). So this year, we've put together a gift guide to take the guess work out of shopping. As always, our sheets come with a 45 Night LOVE IT Guarantee and free shipping within the continental US. Isn't it nice to know, you just can't go wrong this holiday season!

For The Traditionalist:

Made with Supima® cotton, these percale sheets are exceptionally smooth, with minimal pilling. Nana's Favorite Sheets won't ever loose their crispiness because they're created with a rare weave that stands the test of time -- just like grandma's holiday cutout cookies.

And why not give grandma a set of Nana's Favorite sheets?  Your grandma will love settling into our mid-weight percale sheets almost as much as she loves hosting everyone for her annual holiday celebration. After finishing up her yearly holiday baking extravaganza, Nana will love to relax in these crisp, all-cotton sheets. Our Nana endorses them, and we bet your's will too.

For The College Student:

Don't you love having your kids home for the holidays? Your favorite co-ed needs a new set of Toastmaster sheets this winter! It's no secret that college students are notoriously scrimping and saving every penny. This means they're forgoing everyday comforts and sometimes even heat to make ends meet. Toastmaster microfiber sheets are soft, fuzzy and warm. They come in a variety of colors to match any university's color scheme. Toastmaster sheets also come in Twin XL size -- perfect for college dorm mattresses. And finally, they're easy to care for: no lint, no wrinkles, non-shrinking, and colorfast. So in the event your kid decides to do his own laundry instead of bringing it home, his sheets will always look and feel great. 

For The Bachelor: 

Just because your younger brother is an eternal bachelor doesn't mean he has to live like one. He needs a set of Luxe Bamboo sheets in his life. For one, bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial... so although his bachelor pad might smell like day-old pizza sometimes, his sheets will be funk-free. Bamboo sheets are exceptionally drapey and breathe better than most cotton sheets.  Bamboo sheets are also eco-friendly.  Perfectlinens' Luxe Bamboo sheets are top-sellers because they're extremely durable and long lasting thanks to our unique twill weave... because lets be honest: your favorite bachelor doesn't have buying new sheets on his to do list. These will stay on his bed for years to come. Unparalleled comfort, Luxe Bamboo sheets come in four colors. 

For The Newlyweds:

The Peacekeeper™ sheets are sure to be a favorite among your newly married friends. These patented sheets end the he's hot, she's not thermostat wars. The Peacekeeper™ sheets are the first and only of their kind! The warm flannel half and cool percale half feel noticeably different to the touch but are seamlessly woven together -- just like the perfect couple. Peacekeeper™ sheets are made with long staple, combed 100% cotton. Did you know many couples fight over the temperature in the bedroom? Help your favorite newlyweds get their marriage off to a seamless start with Peacekeeper™ sheets from 

For Mom:

Mom is NOTORIOUSLY the most difficult person on your list. She does it all, and yet, when you ask her what she wants, her answer is usually,"oh, nothing." Well the truth is, mom wants a spa vacation. We know that's not in your budget, so the next best thing is to get her a set of Easy Breezy sheets that will make her feel pampered each and every night she crawls into bed. Easy Breezy sheets are a favorite because of their exceptional breathability and coolness. They weigh half of other cotton sheets with identical thread counts. The secret is in the unique weave. Easy Breezy sheets are Oeko-Tex® certified which means they are free from 100 harmful chemicals. Mom deserves the absolute best; make sure she thinks of her favorite child when she gets into her stay cool sheets every night. 

It's always better to give than to receive, but we won't tell if you pick up a set of your favorite sheets for yourself this holiday season. Remember, our sheets are backed by our unique 45-Night LOVE IT guarantee.  Each is scientifically selected in our RealFeel lab to ensure you have the best possible experience. Don't just change your sheets... change the way you buy your sheets.™  Don't toss and turn at night thinking about holiday gifts. Get all your shopping done in one place here at



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