Supercale™ for Super Dad Giveaway

Dads are great, aren't they? They're our first heroes when we are children, and they continue to be influential in our lives as adults. Sometimes they embarrassed us with their TOTALLY UNCOOL dad jeans and sneakers, but we knew our dads would always be there for us when it mattered.

So this Father's Day, we are saluting all the Super Dads out there with a Supercale™ giveaway with Barbatus Beard Balm. Every Super Dad needs to be pampered a little. Since dad was always there for you, make sure he has a set of quality sheets to climb into every night and some balm to keep his beard tamed. 

Supercale™ sheets will remind dad of the crisp percale sheets of his childhood. tested every sheet we could buy from the 1970s-80s-90s and compared them to over 65 percale sheets available today, from mills around the world. We finally hit upon a 100% cotton percale from Italy that feels practically identical to the luxury sheets from yesteryear. Dad always said to remember where you came from!

Supercale™ sheets are super because not only are they crisp and cool, they are easy-care. Because of the wrinkle- release feature, there is no need to iron these sheets. Of all the sheets we tested, Supercale™ sheets were in the top 5% for coolness. Because of production advances over the last several decades, we can now accommodate longer-length cotton fibers. This lessens the number of “ends” which roughen fabric and create unsightly, uncomfortable pills (entangled fiber clusters). Dad always said anything worth doing is worth doing right!

The surface of percale sheets is always slightly textured and our Supercale™ does not feel silky smooth. Unlike higher thread counts and especially sateen sheets, you will not slide off these sheets. Supercale™ is not too light or too heavy. Due to finer (thinner) yarns, Supercale’s 210tc feels a bit lighter than 180 - 200tc old-world percales. We all know dad is a softy at heart, but he is tough where it matters.

Along with these fabulous sheets, our giveaway includes a tin of Barbatus Beard Balm. Barbatus Beard Balm is an all natural blend of almond oil, shea butter, beeswax, cocoa butter and essential oils. A beard balm is basically a leave in conditioner for your dad's beard. He rubs a little on his hands and then into his beard working it in thoroughly. Once his balm is applied he just combs or brushes out his beard to receive the following benefits: softens the beard, promotes a fuller appearance, encourages growth, nourishes beard hair, helps with styling (if he's into that), prevents unruly and stray beard hairs, prevents beard dandruff (this is a real thing), and moisturizes the skin under the beard.

The giveaway is open to all US residents 18 years and older, and it runs until Saturday, June 17th, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST. Enter the Giveaway Below!

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