Hot Nights, Cool Sheets

Summer is quickly approaching. Along with summer comes: long days, fun nights, lounging by the pool, picnics, cool drinks, and hot, sweaty sheets. Wait, one of those things doesn't belong. As those hot summer nights draw near, draw up some cool sheets to stay comfortable! has an amazing selection of cooling sheets for those dog days of summer. 


Easy Breezy

What's better than a summer breeze? Easy Breezy sheets bring the same reprieve from the heat as a cool breeze on a summer day. Exceptionally lightweight for hot sleepers and high humidity, the ultra-fine yarn and percale weave create lots of air movement for breathability. Easy Breezy sheets stay cool all night and don't cling to your skin as you move.  Also won't weigh you down: they weigh half as much as other 300 thread count sheets. Oversized, combed cotton and made in Portugal. These sheets are Oeko-Tex® certified -- free from all harmful chemicals and dyes.


No Sweat!

Let's talk about something uncomfortable... sweat. Some of us are sweaty sleepers. Yes, it is embarrassing, but there is a solution for night sweats. No Sweat! sheets are scientifically proven to increase sleep duration. They wick away perspiration at twice the rate of cotton. Their durable anti-microbial finish inhibits the growth of germs and bacteria so you don't have to worry about what ickiness lurks in your bedding. No Sweat! sheets are perfect for night sweats and they are made in the USA. They're a medium-soft blend of triple-patented  60% nylon, 40% polyester. While No Sweat! sheets are the answer to your cool sheet needs, they are a bit more slippery than cotton sheets so it takes a few nights to adjust to how they feel. With our 45 Night Love It Guarantee, you have plenty of time to get used to your new, cooling sheets. 



If you yearn for the crisp cotton sheets of yesteryear, Supercale™ sheets are what you want on your bed this summer. These luxury sheets are 100% cotton and imported from Italy. tested actual sheets from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s to find the most exact match to those nostalgic sheets -- but with better features. Supercale™ sheets are truly super as they now have permanent wrinkle release. So while granny spent hours ironing her percale sheets, your bed will have crisp-looking sheets without all the work! Containing zero polyester, Supercale™ sheets even stay cooler than the percale sheets of yesteryear. The loose percale weave and fine yarns of Supercale™ allow for unmatched air movement (breathability) to keep you cool while you sleep.  


Luxe Bamboo

If you are looking for eco-friendly sheets that still give you the luxury you want PLUS the stay cool factor you need for your summer bedding, search no more. In general, bamboo has a high water content which feels cooler and breathes better than cotton. Because of the high water content, Luxe Bamboo sheets feel like cooling liquid against your skin all night long. And for a special treat, stash them in the freezer all day... no kidding!  Take them out of the freezer before bedtime, and they'll feel super cool all night!  (Missionaries in Africa -- who don't like to swear -- swear this works!)  Bamboo also naturally hinders the growth of bacteria, so even if you're a sweaty sleeper, nothing icky will linger in your bedding. Luxe Bamboo sheets unique twill weave reduces pilling, wrinkling and enhances durability; they won't fail you like other bamboo sheets. Oeko-Tex® Certified as free of 100 chemicals harmful to humans, Luxe Bamboo sheets are available in 4 different colors to match your decor, or your mood!


With our wide selection of sheets that stay cool, you need not look any further for the solution to your hot, sleepless nights. offer nighttime solutions you need with the luxury you deserve. Our 45 Night Love It Guarantee gives you with more than enough time to find the cool sheets you'll love. This summer, don't just change your sheets... change the way you buy your sheets.™