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Let It Snow

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Best pure-cotton flannel sheet with exceptional smoothness and least piling with extended use.

    • Unique shearing process trims the surface fibers to reduce pills (fiber clusters).
    • Breathable combed-cotton fabric feels paper-towel dry. No smothering or melting as with brushed polyester.
    • 5 oz. per sq. yard is 10% beefier than other flannel.
    • Fits mattresses up to 17 inches. Made in Portugal.
Read our guide to finding a flannel sheet that will help you sleep better all night.
    The Touchy-Feely experience

    Fuzzy-surface sheets like "Let It Snow" and "Toastmaster" take the chill out of climbing into bed on freezing cold nights. The sleep experience is completely different than with other sheets; the instant touch is warm versus cooler instant touches from sateen and especially percale. Imagine a flannel shirt versus a dress shirt: warmth greets your every move.

    Beefy, non-stretch flannel insulates the skin from the mattress so beds feel warmer and thermostats can be lowered at night. Sturdy fabric combines well with heavy winter comforters. Also works well as a year-round sheet-blanket for hotter climates.

    All-cotton fabric feels paper-towel dry. Better for users who feel brushed polyester flannel is smothering. Does not melt over you. Natural absorbency also reduces greasy feel if using creams, ointments or lotions.

    Flannel sheets magnetize themselves to flannel pajamas! Use one or the other but not both simultaneously.

    For a softer, cozier bed year-round: add flannel as a second flat sheet, under your comforter, quilt or blanket. The secret to Europe's soft beds!

    The smoothest flannel

    Flannel is different from other fabrics because of it's familiar fuzzy feel. The warm fuzz is created by napping a sturdy base fabric with metal brushes, which raises surface fibers and creates millions of insulating air pockets that retain body heat.

    "Let it Snow" ranked the smoothest flannel over time. Abrasion from laundering and usage causes flannel surface fibers to cluster into fiber balls (pills) which roughen the fabric feel. The genius of "Let it Snow" is a unique shearing process to trim the length and reduce the quantity of surface fibers.

    Weighing a sturdy 5 oz per square yard, "Let it Snow" is 10% beefier than regular flannel sheets but not the big, thick pilling flannel that gets rough and scratchy.

    All-cotton "Let it Snow" fabric is napped on both sides for enhanced softness and fluffiness. Machine wash and dry. Moderate wrinkles press out by 'hand-ironing' on your mattress.

    • 5 oz per square yard 100% cotton
    • Brushed and sheared on both sides
    • Made in Portugal
    What our Customers say

    "These sheets are wonderful. I have purchased two new sets for the winter! Since it turned cooler at night this week, I washed and put one set on the bed. There was minimal shedding in the dryer and on the bed. Best of all, they are soft and warm. " -Frances

    "The sheets are so soft and warm. I now have a problem of getting out of bed." -Bernadette H.

    "I love these, and they are by far the softest, coziest, sturdiest sheets I own. They hold up well in the washer and dryer." -D.P.

    More details

    Fully-elasticized deep pocket fitted sheets accommodate all but the preposterously high pillow-top mattresses. Over sized flat sheets allow full tuck-in.


    Machine wash and dry. Wash before use; do not wash with synthetic fiber sheets, cotton towels or clothing, which can abrade the softer flannel fabric. Remove promptly to avoid wrinkles. DO NOT DRY ON HIGH HEAT OR OVER-DRY to reduce shrinkage and pilling. Remove when slightly damp and put on the bed to finish drying. 'Hand-ironing' on the mattress removes most wrinkles.

    All flannel sheds -- don't be alarmed if you've never washed new cotton flannel sheets previously. Excessive lint stabilizes after several wash and (especially) dry cycles. Over sized sheets shrink to fit after 3-4 laundry cycles. As a reminder, do not over-dry!

    Fabric softeners are not recommended. The chemicals stick to the fuzzy flannel fibers, which become waxy and lose their insulating and breathable properties.

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    More of what our Customers say:

    Based on 12 reviews Tell us what you think!

    Size information:


      Flat sheet Fitted sheet Pillowcases
    Twin sheet set (*) 70" X 105" 39" X 76", with 17" deep pocket Standard (21" X 31")
    Queen sheet set 92" X 110" 60" X 80", with 17" deep pocket Standard (21" X 31")
    King sheet set 108" X 110" 78" X 80", with 17" deep pocket King (21" X 41")
    California King sheet set 108" X 110" 72" X 84", with 17" deep pocket King (21" X 41")


    Additional information:
    • Twin Set includes 1 Standard Pillowcase.
    • Queen Set includes 2 Standard Pillowcases.
    • King and California King Sets include 2 King Pillowcases.
    • Twin Set (*) available in "LET IT SNOW" Flannel sheets.