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Baby's Bottom

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Smoothest all-cotton sheet -- you won't feel the tiny ridges and valleys between the yarns.

    • Perfect for sensitive skin, especially your face.
    • Double-mercerized mid-weight fabric prevents pilling.
    • Long-staple pima cotton.  500 thread count.  Made in America.
    • Over sized to fit mattresses up to 19 inches.  10 colors. 
The Touchy-Feely experience

The smoothest pure-cotton sheet yet tested. "Baby's Bottom" pima cotton sheets are so smooth you won't feel the tiny ridges and valleys between the yarns.  Imagine a saran-wrap fabric made from pima cotton.  The uncommon friction-free texture is perfect for sensitive skin, especially the sensitive skin of your face. 

Average softness - these are not 'buttery-feel' sheets. Slightly above average weight and body.  Also slightly warmer than most other sheets we've tested.  "Baby's Bottom" pima cotton sheets are not slippery; your pillows will not fly off your bed. 
The Smoothest Fabric

Our "Baby's Bottom" pima cotton fabric is exceptionally smooth because of a ‘double-mercerize’ process.  Double-mercerizing removes all short and loose fibers, which can irritate skin by crimping (acting like tiny springy needles or pins) or pilling (cluster into small balls).  Mercerizing the yarn removes loose fibers resulting from spinning.  A second mercerizing of the fabric removes loose fibers created from weaving.  I don't know why we don't see a lot more of the double-mercerize process, which enhances smoothness of the sheet at it's two most crucial production stages. 

"Baby's Bottom" combines the rare double-mercerize process with long-length pima cotton that is graded to have among the fewest short fibers.  The result is the smoothest 100% pima cotton sheet we have yet encountered.  Made in America.

  • 500 thread count sateen.
  • 100% pima cotton.
What our Customers say

"These sheets are absolutely the best sheets that I have ever purchased. I purchased one set then quickly bought another set. They are soft, high quality sheets, they fit perfectly on my 12” deep mattress and they stay on tight. They are worth the price and I will buy more." -M.L.H.

"These sheets are very smooth and soft to my older, sensitive skin.  I've washed them several times and they look great--no pilling, no fading. I just ordered another set as a gift for a family member." -Clara 

"I've been using these sheets for about a week now and I love them. They're really soft and attractive. I bought these specific sheets because of their decent ratings and I wasn't disappointed." -Melanie G. 

More details

These sheets are made in the USA.  We're proud to support American mills and manufacturers!

The fitted sheet accommodates pillow-top, expanded mattresses up to 19 inches high.  Flat sheets are generously over sized, with King sizes draping closer to the floor than almost any other.


Machine wash warm.  Tumble dry low; remove from dryer when slightly damp.  Press out wrinkles by hand.

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More of what our Customers say:

Based on 30 reviews Tell us what you think!

Size information:

  Flat sheet Fitted sheet Pillowcases
Queen sheet set 96" X 106" 60" X 80", with 19" deep pocket Standard (20" X 32")
King sheet set 106" X 114" 78" X 80", with 19" deep pocket King (20" X 40")
California King sheet set 106" X 114" 72" X 84", with 19" deep pocket King (20" X 40")


Care information

  • Machine wash warm, do not bleach.
  • Tumble dry low, remove promptly. 
  • Ironing not required: hand-press.