Sheets to Keep You Dry

All sleepers enjoy dry sheets.  And they're a necessity for humid climates, 'hot flashes' or 'night sweats' associated with pregnancy or post-menopause.  Under these conditions, cool sheets aren't adequate because cool sheets still get wet. 

Why is relief for sweaty sleep so hard to find?  Well, most sheets are made from cotton, a fiber that absorbs water and water vapor (perspiration).  ("Easy Breezy", an ultra-lightweight cotton that can't hold much water, is the sole cotton sheet tested 'acceptable' for dryness.)  Bamboo viscose absorbs 13% more water than cotton and silky "Luxe Bamboo" is exceptionally breathable. Microfiber sheets are made from polyester, which is a poor conductor of moisture and therefore unsatisfactory.

A new trend is to re-purpose athletic fabrics for sheets.  Most of these high-performance fabrics are either too heavy or too textured for sheets.  Our rare "No Sweat!" sheets are rayon/nylon and triple-patented for superior smoothness and tested best for their ability to diffuse moisture.  They're also ultra-hygienic, non-wrinkling and easy-care.