Hard science makes for soft sheets...

We test so you can rest: FEEL -- our Fabric Evaluation & Engineering Lab:

Perfectlinens’ mission on behalf of customers is to identify sheets that deliver exceptional comfort. We tell customers how these exceptional sheets will feel to the touch after multiple washingsMore importantly, we help you decide which sheet is right for you.  We believe the first step in choosing a sheet is deciding what type of comfort you want.  

We achieve this by means of extensive fabric analysis and scientific testing. We do not rely on subjective sensory results, which differ from person to person. Our testing is conducted on objective, state-of-the-art laboratory instruments in our Perfectlinens’ Fabric Evaluation & Engineering (FEEL) Lab.

We analyze thousands of data points using proprietary algorithms to graphically visualize the comfort performance of each sheet. In the graph below, you can see a few sheets perform better than others. These sheets feel exceptional to the touch. We call them, "Outliers":

Each sheet is evaluated for seven different comfort factors:

  • Warm vs. cool
  • Drapable vs. stiff
  • Smooth vs. textured
  • Heavy vs. light
  • Slippery vs. grabby
  • Best vs. worst at transmitting moisture
  • Thick vs. thin

Feeling sheets in the stores isn’t reliable: finishes applied to make sheets feel good when new disappear after a few washes. We re-test every sheet after 10 laundering cycles, to evaluate comfort performance "throughout its career." Here’s an example of how the smoothness of sheets changes due to washing:


We’ve currently evaluated over 125 sheets and add more to our database every day. We are on the lookout to find exceptionally comfortable sheets to offer our customers. “The Sleep of Your Dreams.”