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First of all, our congratulations!  I’ve been married over 35 years and my wife and I love our marriage.  We speak about it regularly as our greatest achievement and of which we’re very proud.  I hope you enjoy the same.

When you marry, you will leave parts of your old life behind.  Your ‘single days’ old sheets carry old memories and should be discarded!  Treat yourselves to luxury sheets for your marriage and let your new lives begin fresh with a clean slate. 

Splurge on new wedding sheets.  Indulge in something special and don’t buy regular store-bought sheets.  Weddings are extraordinary and unforgettable – so should your sheets be.  You will experience the joy of your marriage each night you climb into your dream bed.  And odds are that someone who loves you very much will be happy to gift you with sheets you love.  After all, you’ll remember the giver each night!

Don’t choose sheets by yourself… buy sheets you both loveYou’ll love your sheets if they’re perfectly comfortable.  Find out what each of you loves about their favorite sheets.  Do you like warm or cool sheets, silky or crispy sheets, smooth or a bit textured? analyzes each sheet for how it feels to the touch after multiple washings.  Isn’t the FEEL of your sheets most important to you both?

You spend about a third of your life in bed, which is why sheets have recently become of one of the top trends in registries. We invite you to register for something you will use and enjoy every day of your life.  With Perfectlinens, you're not just registering for sheets, you're registering for the sleep of your dreams.  We carry fewer than five percent of the 200 sheets we’ve evaluated!

Finally, should you or your spouse not love how your sheets feel after 45 days, we’ll take them back for a full refund.  No other retailer offers a similar guarantee… these sheets are that great!!!

We would be happy to answer all your questions and help customize your registry with you step by step. To book your telephone appointment, please call 1-800-399-3643 x 4.