For sensitive sleepers, a percale sheet you barely feel.  An old-world weave with ultra-fine yarns for a rare crisp yet soft feel to the touch.

    • Batiste weave provides crispness and durability.
    • Fine yarn for flow-over-the-skin drapability and softness.
    • Long-staple Pima Cotton. 310 threadcount.  Made in Portugal.
    • Oversized flat sheets.  Fitted sheets fit mattresses up to 17 inches. 
Read our guide to finding an exceptionally cool sheet.

    The Touchy-Feely experience

    An ingenious lightweight Pima cotton fabric that feels simultaneously soft and crisp. A rare and very delightful combination! “Bare Naked” percale sheets impart a initial crispy touch when climbing into bed or moving at night but just for a micro-moment.  Your bed is cool with a sheet you barely feel.  This lightest-weight cotton fabric settles over your limbs like a gentle dew-fall with a flow-over-the skin drapability that yields to the least pressure.

    The Lightest Fabric

    “Bare Naked” percale sheets offer an unique combination of flow-over-the-skin softness of sateen with the cool, crisp touch of percale. It is very unusual to find softness of this high magnitude with a percale weave, which incorporates far more interlacing yarns than other weaves.  Interlacing restricts yarn adjustments so percale sheets are generally described as crisp.  But "Bare Naked" percale fabric is so uniquely light, the crisp sensation is short-lived.  Indeed, “Bare Naked” fabric responds more intimately than any other percale sheets we tested.  

    “Bare Naked” percale sheets are highest rated for lightness and softness of all those we’ve tested, including lower and higher threadcounts.  This unusual 310 tc percale cotton sheet weighs as much as it’s 200 tc competitors! Although made from Pima cotton, it is lighter than the lightest microfiber polyester sheets.  Made in Portugal.

    • Highly ranked for initial crispness
    • Softest of all percale sheets 


    Launder on gentle cycle; remove from dryer when damp.  Press by hand as the sheets continue to dry on the bed.  Light ironing for the finicky among us.

    Delicate body: if you want fuller-bodied supple sheets look at our “Second Skin” or "Baby's Bottom" options.

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