Softest all-cotton sheet.  Permanent drape-over-the-skin fluidness that envelops but does not cling.  Embroidered with scalloped edges.

    • Engineered yarns are designed for softness that cannot wash out.
    • Medium-body construction doesn't settle too close to your skin
    • Colorfast embroidery on flats and pillowcases. 400 threadcount combed cotton.  Made in Portugal.
    • Oversized to fit mattresses up to 19 inches. 

The Touchy-Feely experience

Tied as the softest 100% cotton sheet tested. "Eternally Drapeful" fabric seems to have a sense of its own of where to adjust and where to hang loose. Non-stretch cotton prevents the fabric from , reducing the size of the air pockets that disperse body heat and humidity (perspiration).  Follows your every move with a fluidness that envelops but does not cling.

Durable, medium-body construction. If you want the lightest soft sheets, see our "Zero Gravity" cotton sheet.

The Softest Fabric

The remarkable softness of “Eternally Drapeful” sheets is the result of yarns specially engineered for pliability. Made of two windings spun together into a single 2-ply yarn, they are rarely used in America.

The responsiveness of double-ply yarn is varied and more complex than a single-ply yarn.  The individual windings overlap and slide; contract and relax in response to movements in the fabric.  It is this fluid interplay, not possible with single-ply yarn that contributes to “Eternally Drapeful” softness.

Plied yarns are also stronger (suspension bridges are possible only because of seven or higher-ply cables). Each "Eternally Drapeful" winding is so fine and delicate it must be paired with a second ply to withstand the stress of weaving. 

The strength of double-ply yarns also ensures longer fabric life.  Sheets made with double-ply have smaller fiber balls (pills) than single-ply sheets.  Although the double-ply process is costly, we stand by the flexibility and durability of the sophisticated "Eternally Drapeful" yarns. 

American law defines a double-ply yarn as it’s single-ply inferior.  “Eternally Drapeful” is 400 thread count according to European standards; in America's “No Ply Zone” the sheet is counted as 300 thread count.  Made in Portugal.

100% cotton. Sateen woven to enhance drapability. Will not stiffen with extended laundering.

What our Customers say

"Fantastic drap-ey feel yet not cloying or restrictive as I lie in bed...I know my bed looks pretty too."-Hannah

"Very smooth and soft fabric and not too hot at night. Washes well and no pilling yet!"-Siobhan

"Have never had sheets so soft, smooth and cozy all at the same time and so pretty too. You'll love them"-HK 

More details

Powder-blue Laurel design is embroidered directly (not attached by hemming) to sheets and pillowcases and edged with a curved ¾ inch scallop. Embroidery is guaranteed color-fast.


Machine wash warm; do not bleach.
Tumble dry low; remove promptly.
Hand-press. Ironing not required.
To avoid waxiness and clinginess do not use dryer sheets with “Eternally Drapeful” sheets.

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