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Luxe Bamboo Sheets

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Unmatched for flow over-the-skin silkiness, 100% bamboo feels instantly cool. Special weave reduces pills and wrinkles. Naturally anti-bacterial and eco-friendly.

  • Unique twill weave reduces pilling, wrinkling and enhances durability
  • High water content feels cooler, breathes better than cotton
  • Exceptional drape -- closest fabric to a liquid
  • Natural odor constraint by inhibiting the growth of bacteria
  • Oeko-Tex Certified Free of 100 chemicals harmful to humans
  • Oversized to fit 20” mattresses


“Luxe Bamboo” uses a rare twill weave, an engineering advantage that compensates for the unsurpassed softness of bamboo fiber. (Twill weave is used for blue jeans, Dunhill raincoats and fabrics requiring long-lasting durability.)  Most 100% bamboo sheets develop pills (tangled fiber clusters) and wrinkle or lose shape. “Luxe Bamboo” twill tests softer, smoother and least wrinkling of all pure-bamboo sheets. 250 thread count, made in China.

"Luxe Bamboo" is Oeko-Tex certified free of 100 chemicals that are considered harmful to adults (Cert. Nbr. BWHO-103206).  The anti-bacterial property of bamboo viscose reportedly eliminates odor-forming microorganisms. Factory laboratory tests of “Luxe Bamboo,” show 90% of bacteria were killed in 1 hour and 99.7% within 24 hours. has not yet confirmed these claims. 

Caution: bamboo fibers hold oil better than other fibers. Not recommended for use with body skin creams or lotions. If you're using facial creams or oily hair treatments (for baldness) pillowcases made from cotton, polyester or non-viscose fiber are recommended.


RealFeel™ experience:

SILKY: The sleep experience of bamboo sheets cannot be compared with sheets made from cotton or other fibers. Bamboo viscose stands apart for softness and unmatched ‘fabric liveliness’ -- a metric of drape and elasticity. With it’s superior high water content, bamboo viscose is the closest fabric to a liquid. Similar to silk, “Luxe Bamboo” tested in the top 20% for pliability of all sheets except knit jersey. You will not enjoy these sheets if you prefer airy space between you and your sheets; choose from cotton percales instead.

COOL: Bamboo cells hold 40% more water than cotton and 100% more than polyester so “Luxe Bamboo” sheets feel instantly cooler to the touch than most other sheets. (More water heated = more body heat removed = cooler-feeling fabric.)  You’ll find instant coolness when you move in these sheets. The high water content is especially comfortable to human skin, which is 64% water.

BREATHABILITY: Bamboo viscose is better at wicking than cotton (13% moisture regain versus 8%).

SUPPLE: Bamboo’s cell structure bends twice as easily as cotton and stretches three times more. The exceptional ‘fabric liveliness’ means “Luxe Bamboo” viscose sheets are more ‘akin to human skin’ than any other sheets.

LIGHT BODY: although bamboo viscose is 5% heavier than cotton, the peerless silky drape gives “Luxe Bamboo” a considerably lighter feel.  



Because of its low wet strength (1/10th versus wet cotton) bamboo sheets are extremely fragile when laundering. Machine wash cold. Do not mix with cotton or polyester sheets, towels or apparel to minimize pills (tangled fiber clusters) caused by friction when wet fabrics agitate against each other during washing and drying. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners, which can stain bamboo viscose sheets -- and they don’t need it.

Dry cool on the delicate (slow spin) cycle or preferably the permanent press setting. “Luxe Bamboo” does not require ironing if removed when slightly damp and folded or put on the mattress. Oversized to accommodate 2-3% shrinkage, which occurs in the first 3 washes.

High-torque elastic all the way around ensures the contour sheets fit normal (11-13”) as well as deeper mattresses up to 22” thick.


Bamboo sheets are not produced from strands of fiber extracted from stalks and which are far too coarse to spin into yarn. Instead, bamboo sheets are made from fibers regenerated in a closed-loop, recycled chemical process that retains most of the original properties of the bamboo. Although frequently claimed, “Organic Bamboo” does not exist because chemicals used during regeneration change the fiber's molecular structure. When correctly labeled, bamboo sheets use terms like ‘Bamboo viscose’ or ‘Rayon from bamboo’, which are the exact same fabric.

ECO-FRIENDLY: Bamboo grows without fertilizer, pesticides or herbicides, preventing the runoff of chemicals into the groundwater like cotton. It absorbs 40% more carbon dioxide than other plants and 5x the rate of most trees. Bamboo viscose also colors easily so less dye is needed;  “Luxe Bamboo” uses eco-friendly Azo-free long-lasting reactive dyes.

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Based on 10 reviews Tell us what you think!

Size information:


  Flat sheet Fitted sheet Pillowcases
Queen sheet set 96 x 106" 60 x 80", with 18" deep pocket Standard (21 x 32")
King sheet set 112 x 106" 78 x 80", with 18" deep pocket King (21 x 40")
California King sheet set 112 x 106" 72 x 84", with 18" deep pocket King (21 x 40")


Additional information:
  • Queen Set includes 2 Standard Pillowcases.
  • King and California King Sets include 2 King Pillowcases.