Outstanding mix of crunchy crispness, smoothness and softness.

    • Rare weave provides a crispy feel that won't wash out.
    • Supima cotton has least amount of pilling for exceptional smoothness and softness.
    • 500 threadcount fabric is not too thick or heavy.
    • Oversized to fit mattresses up to 19 inches (Twin 17"). White.

The Touchy-Feely experience

"Nana's Favorite" sheets have an old-fashioned crunchy feel like the wonderful percale sheets from 30-40 years ago.The crispiest pure-cotton sheet we've tested. Unlike our competition, the crispiness of our "Nana's Favorite" sheets comes from a rare weaving process and not from a starchy finish that washes out over time.

100% Supima cotton feels like a fine dress shirt. Sturdy non-stretch fabric is uncommonly airy and doesn't cling."Nana's Favorite" sheets are temperature-neutral -- neither hot nor cool. With average ratings for fabric weight and body, they are not too heavy or thick. Not slippery, your pillows will not fly off your bed.

The Crispiest Fabric

"Nana's Favorite" fine Supima yarn is 20% lighter than most other sheets. A sturdy, two-yarn-over-one unique 'Overhand Twill' counterbalances the ultra-supple yarns to provide for a light and most crispy sheet we've tested.ë_ Crispiness cannot wash out. Overhand twill (normally used for khaki's and jeans) also enhances durability so "Nana's Favorite" sheets far outlast sateen or percale sheets with similar threadcounts.

"Nana's Favorite" yarn is spun from the top 1% of the world's cotton so these sheets are exceptionally smooth. Supima yarn has the least amount of loose fibers, which can irritate skin by crimping (acting like tiny springy needles or pins) or pilling (cluster into small balls).

Ranked in top 20% of all sheets on pliability tests, "Nana's Favorite" sheets are also uncommonly airy and do not cling to your body.

  • 500-threadcount
  • 100% Supima ultra-fine cotton yarn.
  • Rare Overhead twill provides crispiness that cannot wash out.

What our Customers say

"These sheets are the same smooth, crisp fabric I remember from my childhood." -M.L.H.

"These sheets are like my grandmother's sheets that are crisp, yet heavenly soft." -Catherine

"..a smooth texture with the coolness I was searching for and the crispness that cannot be found in other sheets." -Melanie G.

More details

Fitted sheets accommodates pillow-top and expanded mattresses up to 19 inches high (twin 17 inches). Flat sheets are generously oversized, draping closer to the floor than almost any other. Pillowcases and flat sheets feature a 4 inch cuff and traditional hem finish.


Machine wash warm or cold water, using half the detergent recommended. Do not use chlorine bleach that weakens fine cotton, reducing the life of your sheets. Also avoid fabric softeners, which cause cotton to feel waxy over time. Rinse in cold water, twice if your machine has that option, to remove excess detergent.

Tumble dry low; do not use dryer sheets. Remove from dryer when damp (yes, damp!) and smooth out wrinkles by hand.

"Nana's Favorite" sheets start to feel best after three launderings.

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