Perfect for sweaty sleep from menopause, pregnancy or high humidity.  Cool and dry even during night sweats. These cool sheets are scientifically proven to increase sleep duration.

    • Wicks perspiration at twice the rate of cotton.
    • Exceptionally smooth for relief from itchiness.
    • Durable anti-microbial finish inhibits germs and bacteria.
    • Medium-soft 60% nylon/ 40% polyester blend.  Made in USA.
    • Over sized to fit mattresses up to 19 inches (17" Twin size). 
    • Unusually slippery compared to cotton sheets. Customers say they need several nights to adjust to the new feel. 
Read our guide to finding an exceptionally cool sheet.

    The Touchy-Feely Experience

    “No Sweat!” cool sheets dispel perspiration and moisture better than any cool sheet we've tested.  Cool and exceptionally dry for relief from night-sweat symptoms caused by humidity, pregnancy or post menopause conditions. Unmatched evaporation virtually eliminates wetness, perspiration and clamminess associated with sweaty sleep.

    Also ranked unusually smooth for relief from itchiness and scratchiness that accompany sweaty sleep.  Rated average for softness (mid-way between crispy and close-to-the-skin suppleness).  “No Sweat!” has a medium-weight body and is non-static and is slippery to the touch.  Machine wash and dry.

    If you require cotton, our Easy Breezy ultra-light  cool sheets provide some of “No Sweat’s” coolness and evaporative relief.

    Dry and Clean Fabric Facts

    “No Sweat!” triple-patented fabric incorporates a unique plus sign-like (+) structured fiber with eight separate right-angle corners. The corners inhibit water molecules from attaching to the fiber so they disperse quickly. More than twice as dry as cotton, which retains water molecules within the cotton fibers.

    Structured ultra-long fibers interlace inside the yarn to create billions of air pockets. Water and vapor migrate via thin channels between the engineered yarns to evaporate moisture in the sheet and not on the skin. “No Sweat!” cool sheets remain evaporative when wet.

    Permanent antimicrobial finish inhibits the survival of germs and bacteria to reduce odors commonly associated with skin contact. Soil/oil release aids in the removal of stains so "No Sweat!” sheets remain exceptionally clean, fresh and do not yellow.

    • 185 tc
    • Percale weave
    • Permanent antimicrobial treatment inhibits the survival of germs, bacteria and organisms
    • Soil / oil release maintains freshness and eliminates odors

    What our Customers say


    "Has been helping me with my night sweats so far, this fabric is like magic and seems to make my sweaty nights a long gone nightmare... Certainly an improvement over my last sheets when I would wake up soaking!" -Marie K.

    "The slippery feel took a few nights to get used to but now I'm hooked...I want undershirts made out of this material." -Kaylie

    "A friend suggested these sheets for my post partum night sweat problems and they make an amazing difference." -Claire


    More details

    Bungie-cord all-around elastic ensures the fitted sheet stays neat and doesn't move on all but the thinnest mattress.  Reduced bunching and wrinkling of the fitted sheet while sleeping eliminates uncomfortable imprints on one's skin.

    Made in USA.


    Machine wash and dry at low to medium temperature. Use non-chlorine bleach.  Fabric softeners and dryer sheets not recommended to protect the anti-microbial finish and keep “No Sweat” sheets bright. 

    Laundering with towels and/or apparel items is fine but we recommend laundering separately from all-cotton sheets.

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