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Pregnancy and Sleep: Don't Sweat the Summer Nights!

Pregnancy and Sleep: Don't Sweat the Summer Nights!

May 22, 2018

I've had three babies in 4 years. I spent two very long, very hot summers awaiting the arrival of our precious babies. And I spent those summer nights searching for relief from the heat. If you're heading into the summer with a baby bump, you need sheets that stay cool. Look no further than No Sweat! sheets.  These fan-favorite sheets are back in stock just in time to kick off the summer months.

I remember tossing and turning during the hot summer nights praying for some relief from the heat. Between the several pillows I used to prop me up and keep me relatively comfortable and the night sweats and the baby kicks, I felt suffocated. I would think,"Isn't there a sheet to keep me cool at night?" Then I tried No Sweat! sheets and I instantly slept more comfortably. 

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No Sweat! sheets wick away moisture at TWICE the rate of cotton sheets. High-performance athletic teams use them to recover after extreme sports.

No Sweat! are also the smoothest sheets we've tested, and we tested OVER 200 different sheet sets. In fact they even feel somewhat "slippery".

You know all those body lotions and butters you use in an attempt to avoid pregnancy stretch marks? And you know how they stain your sheets? Well don't sweat it (see what I did there?)... No Sweat!'s anti-microbial finish permanently inhibits germs and helps to discharge overnight oils and lotions. And what about those smells that are common with skin contact?  Well, the uniquely engineered ‘X’-shape filament yarns pierce the cells of germs and bacteria, killing the organisms. The all-too-familiar smells, which no detergent ever seems to get out, are eliminated naturally!

When you're pregnant, you already feel weighed down. No Sweat! super light sheets weigh 10% less than the average of over 200 sheets tested.

These cooling sheets not only help you battle the heat, they don't cling to you either! Cool sheets are a necessity this summer, especially if you are spending the summer awaiting the arrival of your newest family member. 

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If this is your first baby, I'm going to let you in on a secret: your laundry duty is about to go into overdrive. If this is not your first baby, you know how the laundry game goes. The good news is No Sweat! sheets take chlorine bleach and tolerate high laundering temperatures without yellowing. If you are nesting and wanting everything perfectly clean, these cooling sheets fit the bill for cleanliness and hygiene. 

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Pregnancy is hard. Pregnancy is even harder in the summer. wants you to feel relaxed in a set of our most comfortable sheets for hot nights. No Sweat! sheets are the answer to your pregnancy prayers for cool sheets! With our 45 Night Love It Guarantee, your order will ship for free, and returns are free too. If only everything (like satiating 2am ice cream cravings) were that convenient, right? 

And don't forget, when your baby finally makes his or her entrance, we have crib sheets for your tiny wonder.