Exceptionally breathable and cool sheet for hot sleepers or high humidity.

    • Ultra-fine yarns and percale weave for lots of air movement (breathability).
    • Lightness is coolness: weighs half of other sheets with the same threadcount.
    • Combed cotton. 300 threadcount. Made in Portugal.
    • Oversized flat sheets. Fitted sheets fit mattresses up to 17 inches.
Read our guide to finding an exceptionally cool sheet.

    The Touchy-Feely experience

    The coolest and lightest cotton sheet we've ever seen. Ephemeral coolness greets you sliding between the covers. The airy ultralight cotton rests lightly on your limbs in the lightest caress. Not stuffy or clammy as every movement you make is met with a dash of coolness instead. Airy "Easy Breezy"percale sheets don't cling to your skin like nylon stockings.

    Perspiring at night is a thing of the past. Haven't we all had enough of that searching for the cool part of the sheet?

    The Cool and Light Fabric

    The genius of "Easy Breezy" cool sheets is a precision percale weave that produces an exceptionally lightweight fabric. Coolness is always a function of lightness and "Easy Breezy" cool sheets weigh less than half of other cotton sheets with the same threadcount! The exceptional lightness never washes out.

    Coolness is also a function of the weave. A percale weave increases both the number and size of millions of microscopic gaps between the sheet and your skin. These gaps ventilate body heat and water vapor (perspiration). Percale is often described as cool but it's primarily a result of reduced contact with your skin.

    Combed cotton aligns the fibers in our "Easy Breezy" sheets. Combing reduces the quantity of protruding "ends" that protrude from the fabric to roughen it and often combine into fiber balls (pills). "Easy Breezy" cool sheets tested among the softest of our 100% cotton sheets.

    • 300 tc Combed Cotton.
    • Weighs less than half of other cotton sheets with the same threadcount.

    Made in Portugal

    What our Customers say

    "These sheets are unlike any others I've ever experienced: light and almost crispy yet pleasantly drape-y when I snuggle into bed. They are so light I really couldn't feel them when I move." -Sarah

    "These sheets are incredibly light. On hot nights they are airy and comfortable... I have never slept on a new sheet that was this comfortable and soft." -Marina

    "Despite the many wrinkles after washing, these sheets are of such a fine quality, I feel like I'm at a fancy hotel. They feel unlike any other sheet I've tried." -Katherine

    More details

    Flat sheets are generously oversized and even turned back reach all the way to the floor.åÊ Fitted sheets accommodate mattresses up to 17".


    Launder on gentle cycle; remove promptly from dryer when slightly damp. Press by hand when warm. Iron lightly if you want that 'sheet of paper' smoothness.

    Delicate: not for you if you're looking for a full-body sheet. Consider "Baby's Bottom" or anything in our "Soft Collection."

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