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Perfectlinens launches organic sheets that don’t expose sleepers to hazardous chemicals at night.

Moreganic™ organic sheets: the only GOTS-certified organic sheets also OEKO-TEX-certified free from toxic chemicals

(NEW YORK, April 3, 2018) - launched Moreganic™ organic sheets to keep you safe from organic sheets with chemicals. Made from 100% certified organic cotton, Moreganic™ organic are the only sheets that do not poison the environment or expose sleepers to hazardous chemicals at night.

“I think people buying organic sheets believe they’re getting chemical-free sheets. It isn’t true” said founder Thomas Danaher.  “It’s a misperception…so-called ‘organic sheets’ typically contain more toxic substances than non-organic sheets. These chemicals can accumulate in your body and can trigger allergic reactions and disrupt your hormonal balance.”

Moreganic™ organic sheets are the industry’s only sheets certified both GOTS organic and OEKO-TEX chemically-safe.

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification is the traditional way to ensure you are buying organic sheets. GOTS ensures the cotton is grown on organically-certified farms. But once the cotton leaves the farm, it travels thousands of miles and trades hands dozens of times before reaching you in the form of sheets. The problem is it’s virtually impossible to tell organic cotton from non-organic cotton -- GOTS does not comprehensively test sheets for harmful chemicals.

Moreganic™ organic cotton sheets are tested at all stages of production by OEKO-TEX for 100 chemicals toxic to humans. Moreganic™ organic sheets comply with Oeko-Tex Level 1 -- the strictest requirement -- for the most intensive skin contact. The list of chemicals is constantly updated to ensure they are safe from harmful substances even if they are not yet legally regulated.

“After decades in the sheets industry, we know what goes into so-called ‘organic’ sheets. Yes, manufac- turers use organic cotton fiber but it’s shorter and coarser (than non-organic fiber) so it produces rougher, coarser sheets. To make these so-called ‘organic’ sheets feel as soft and smooth as conventional sheets, manufacturers apply more, and stronger, chemicals” Danaher says. “These ‘organic’ sheets also use softeners and substances that wash out with constant laundering, so the sheets become rough and scratchy over time. The softness and smoothness just wash out.”

Moreganic™ organic sheets ingeniously use superior GOTS-certified organic yarns that are 25% finer than other organic sheets in the market. Moreganic™ sheets also tested in Perfectlinens’ RealFeel™ laboratory as the softest organic sheets after multiple washings.

Moreganic™ organic sheets are 300 threadcount, machine wash & dry.  Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King size sets. Perfect for babies, Moreganic™ organic Crib sheets contain no chemicals or dyes that can react adversely with your baby’s skin and respiratory system. Natural Ecru.

Danaher is an inventor, having 10 patents to his name. He pioneered flannel sheets while in college. Thomas and his wife Mallory became the largest flannel sheet distributors in the USA, supplying all of America’s biggest retailers. In 2015 they formed, a unique on-line sheet retailer that scientifically evaluates sheets for how they feel to the touch.

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