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Change the way you buy sheets

When you buy a camera, bicycle or even a soda, there are product specifications and descriptions that are generally dependable. You can do research and be quite certain you know what you’re getting. Not so with sheets. Buying sheets is different from buying other products because you don’t know what you’re getting. 

Sheet descriptions are full of misleading thread-counts; so-called “Egyptian cotton”; self-styled “Hotel sheets”; etc. Internet reviews are undependable because they’re subjective, inconsistent and lack precision. Even feeling a sheet is deceptive as finishes applied to make sheets feel good when new disappear after a few washes. Finally, there are way too many options.

Our 'sensible' process: we test so you can rest

Our mission on behalf of shoppers is to demystify sheets. We tell you how a sheet feels to the touch after multiple washings. We achieve our mission through extensive fabric testing and scientific analysis. 

Our FEEL lab (Fabric Engineering and Evaluation Laboratory) identifies the few sheets that deliver truly exceptional comfort. Using the same technology as Nike, Under Armour and other “high-performance" apparel giants, we unlock the unique comfort characteristics by making sheets comply with a scientific model. More importantly, we help you decide which sheet is right for you.  We believe the first step in choosing a sheet is deciding what type of comfort you want.  

We test for eight comfort characteristics – all the physics that make a sheet feel the way it feels. Our precision helps shoppers make better decisions than they can with misleading thread-counts and other "fluffy" marketing.

Sheets change after a few washes:

Most products don’t change after a few uses. A chair is a chair, a pen is a pen.  Not so with sheets. How many times have you purchased sheets and after just a few washes they felt completely unlike the sheets you took out from the package?

When you buy sheets, you start evaluating them as soon as they’re out of the package. The testing ground is your bed.  Do I like these sheets?  Are they changing? For several weeks you lie in bed like a spy, acutely measuring and sensing for comfort and discomfort. As the disappointment drama continues*, you have to start over. Your time and dollars are wasted.  What’s to keep you from making the same mistake? Are you sure you can handle this all again?

(*) Chances are only 1 in 20 you will buy exceptionally comfortable sheets. 

Don’t just change your sheets… change the way you buy your sheets! ™

Perfectlinens does the work for you. We are novel in the bedding business for our emphasis on research. We identify the sheets that deliver truly exceptional comfort and tell shoppers how these superior sheets feel after multiple uses. 

Perfectlinens launders each sheet 10 times to simulate the effects of aging. This ensures each sheet is evaluated after the fabric has stabilized for it’s usable life-span.  We describe how your sheets will feel to the touch in the future.


We believe the first step in choosing a sheet is deciding what type of comfort you want.  We believe shoppers will enjoy their sheets more and will make more intelligent decisions about sheet quality and value when they understand how and why they make their buying decisions. We bring consistency and a uniform, easy-to-understand scoring system to measure and describe comfortable sheets. However, your best guide for touch is your own, not ours.  We are a guidepost. 

There is a perfect sheet!

There are those who say perfection is impossible to obtain. We say that’s a cop-out. If objective and scientific testing proves this is the very best sheet to deliver an exceptionally comfortable experience, why would you not give it the highest score? 

Perfectlinens brings an encyclopedic grasp of technical expertise to a narrow product range. We don’t sell books, shoes, apparel or electronics; not comforters, pillows or quilts, etc. By scientifically testing how sheets feel to the touch, our revolutionary process is a stake in the ground, the ultimate accountability. 

We are the antithesis of mass marketplace Internet retailers, department and big-box stores. Our business is built to offer fewer but better exceptionally comfortable sheets, for "The Sleep of your Dreams”.