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The Best Sheets Improve with Age

The best sheets are easily recognized by comfort alone.  How will you know which sheet is right for you?  We believe the first step in choosing a sheet is deciding what type of comfort you want. 

Great sheets improve with age

The ability of a sheet to improve with age is an indisputable characteristic of the best sheets. If a sheet does not exhibit comfort when new, it will not improve with use. We define "improvement" as the ability of the sheet to become significantly more enjoyable, offering more pleasure when over time than when new.

A sheet changes dramatically after a few uses. Chemical finishes that make sheets feel soft and smooth when new are washed away after a few laundry cycles. Continued laundering leads to increasingly rougher fabric as yarns stretch, overlap and abrade against eachother,  Individual fibers cluster into tin balls (pills) that gather indiscriminately on uneven fabric surfaces.

The feel of a sheet begins to stabilize after a half-dozen or more laundry cycles. Perfectlinens launders each sheet ten (10!) times before they're tested, ensuring each sheet is evaluated within the sweet spot of it’s usable life-span.  Whenever you read one of our product descriptions, your seeing into the future -- how your sheets will feel to your touch after a lot of usage.


We’ve solved the math of comfortable sheets

The most elusive characteristics of each sheet are unlocked by fabric-testing instruments used by 'performance apparel' giants like Nike, Adidas and Under Armour. Applying low forces, as when manually touching and manipulating fabrics, the instruments measure all the physics that make a sheet feel the way it feels.  Rather than 'fuzzy' subjective tests, the sheet’s comfort attributes are determined in an objective, scientific method more.  Perfectlinens then rates each sheet’s specifications with those of hundreds of others in our database.  Using a proprietary method, we identify the unique few that are offered for sale on  These superior sheets stand far above the norm and can always be defined by their singular qualities, both comfort-wise and in their ability to improve with age.

Dependable assessments

Our evaluations are dependable because we use scientific, state-of-the-art fabric test instruments.  We understand how important dependability is to sheet buyers. Shoppers get tired of spending a lot of money and being disappointed.

Our comparative analysis is 100 percent objective.  We bring consistency and a uniform, easy-to-understand scoring system to measure and describe comfortable sheets. Although human comfort is subjective, our revolutionary process is a stake in the ground, the ultimate accountability. We’ve solved the math of comfortable sheets.

Most of the finest sheets we've evaluated feel better on waking then on climbing into bed, revealing more comfort nuances and enjoyment over the course of the night. Do sleepers ever wonder why the most satisfying sheets are those we can't leave in the morning?