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What makes Baby's Bottom sheets so smooth?

Baby's Bottom sheets are the smoothest all-cotton sheets we've tested. They are also surprisingly durable. Why is this so?

Most sheets have short and loose fibers sticking out from the surface of the sheet, which can poke and irritate your skin. Further, these fibers also tend to form tiny balls (called pills) when put in the washer that make the sheet rougher.

Cotton sheets pilling

On the other hand, Baby's Bottom sheets have few of these fibers. This is because of two reasons:

  1. Long staple Pima cotton: Baby's Bottom sheets are made from 100% genuine Pima cotton that have been tested to have long cotton fibers, so there are few short fibers to begin with
  2. Double mercerization: Most sheets go through a mercerization process where loose fibers that result from spinning are removed. Baby's Bottom sheets go through a double-mercerizing where loose fibers created from weaving are also removed.

The result of these two is that Baby's Bottom sheets are the smoothest 100% cotton sheet we have yet encountered