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Wrinkle-free Supercale™

This miraculous sheet is the result of our quest to find sheets that feel like those we loved when growing up. Perfectlinens tested every sheet we could buy from the 1970s-80s-90s and compared them to over 65 percale sheets available today, from mills around the world. We finally hit upon a 100% cotton percale from Italy that feels practically identical to the luxury sheets from yesteryear. We then improved it by adding permanent wrinkle-release. It rightfully deserves the “Supercale” name.

  • Crispness: same as percale sheets of bygone years
  • Softness: feels most similar to percale of years ago
  • Smoothness: the same, even slightly softer!
  • Coolness: the top 5% of all sheets tested--current and yesteryear
  • Wrinkle-release for permanent Easy no-iron care
  • Oversized: fits mattresses up to 18” inches. Very generously sized flat sheets,too.
  • 100% Cotton

Supercale™ feels most similar to the luxury sheets of the last half-century, when America made the best sheets in the world. You will feel transported back to a sleeping experience of that simpler time.

Now built better: production advances over the last several decades now accommodate longer-length cotton fibers. This lessens the number of “ends” which roughen fabric and create unsightly, uncomfortable pills (entangled fiber clusters).

Easy no-iron care: yesteryear’s percale sheets required polyester to avoid wrinkling.  Better yarns and improved finishes now enable superior qualities of cotton to maintain long-lasting wrinkle resistance. Our Italian mill’s superior treatments withstand 100 laundering cycles with only minor surface rumpling. Supercale’s simple wash & dry instructions won’t change your laundering routine!

A more durable fabric than most sateen, Supercale™ softens with use.

The RealFeel™ experience

Cooler: “Supercale™” sheets feel significantly cooler and drier than yesteryear’s sheets that contained between 50% - 80% polyester to stop wrinkles, but which retained body heat and humidity. Compared to all the sheets we’ve tested (including sateen, jersey, organic, bamboo, silk and Tencel) Supercale‘s capacity to transmit heat is superior to all sheets except one: our even-cooler but lighter Easy Breezy sheet.

Breathable: Supercale’s relatively loose (210tc) percale weave provides the most gaps between yarns for increased vapor transmission. Second in breathability only to our lighter weight Easy Breezy.

Midweight: “Supercale™” is not too light or too heavy. Due to finer (thinner) yarns, Supercale’s 210tc feels a bit lighter than 180 - 200tc old-world percales. Please note that if you prefer a crisp cool sheet that feels somewhat heavier, you should look at our 500tc Nana’s Favorite.

Drier: cotton feels dry compared to all other fibers (bamboo, polyester, Tencel, silk) whether percale, sateen, knit or jersey.

Slightly textured: the surface of percale sheets is always slightly textured and our “Supercale™” does not feel silky smooth. Unlike higher threadcounts and especially sateen sheets, you will not slide off these sheets.

Softens with use.

Size information:


  Flat sheet Fitted sheet Pillowcases
Queen sheet set 110" X 113" 60" X 80", with 16" deep pocket Standard (21" X 30")
King sheet set 118" X 115" 78" X 80", with 16" deep pocket King (21" X 39")
California King sheet set 118" X 115" 78" X 80", with 16" deep pocket King (21" X 39")


Additional information:
  • Queen Set includes 2 Standard Pillowcases.
  • King and California King Sets include 2 King Pillowcases.