Why we’ve switched to PerfectLinens.com from Sheets.com

When we opened Sheets.com last year, it fulfilled a 30+ year dream of mine as a sheets wholesaler to directly sell to people who actually use the sheets – you the consumer . As retailers consolidated over decades into today’s big, national chains with so-called professionalized buying, it mortified me when all the retailers ever asked was,I need a 400 thread count sheet – what ’s your best price?

The trouble is there’s a zillion ways I can make a 400 thread count sheet so thread count alone is meaningless as a measure of quality.

After the excitement of opening Sheets.com, we realized that in the eyes of consumers we were just another me-too retailer selling sheets and other bedding products.

Strike 1:

We had no focus. We’d been lulled into the common belief that you have to provide lots of choices. We had over 4,000 products.

Strike 2:

Our prices were higher than Amazon’s and the big chain stores. We couldn’t possibly hope to compete if we were only selling the same products.

Strike 3: (you’re out!)

Our website was hard to use. It was overcomplicated, sluggish and slow.

So painful though it was, we dumped our catalog, liquidated our inventory and refocused on a mission to find sheets that deliver truly exceptional comfort.   Using our FEEL laboratory to examine sheets down to the microscopic level, we’ve found just three (3!) exceptional sheets out of the 125 tested so far.      

Our new name, Perfectlinens.com, conveys our new mission: using science so you can find sheets that provide “Perfection for the Sleep of your Dreams."