Looking for Great Sheets? Don’t Be Fooled by Those Folds!


Did you ever want to outsmart a package label? Last post I mentioned my engaging discussion with Thomas Danaher, founder of Perfectlinens.com. In him I found a sympathetic yet knowledgeable authority on “perfect bed sheets”.  I poured out to him my frustrations on my past sheets buying experiences (the results of which are crumpled in the back of my linen closet, awaiting visits by my brother-in-law).


“How can I know a great sheet?” I had asked. Thomas proceeded to share his inside insights, leaving me confident in my new identity as a sheets connoisseur. Finally, you and I can supplement guesswork with some hard and fast guidelines. (Admit it, you’ve tried to unzip those vinyl bags before a Bed Bath and Beyond rep could ambush you from around the display) “But caution,” Thomas advised, “the finishes mills apply to make sheets feel good when new disappear after a few weeks.”


One simple trick to know a great sheet in the store, Thomas shared, is to eyeball the ‘height’ of the package. Every sheet set, I learned, is folded to fit the same ‘footprint‘  on the display racks--about 9.5 inches tall and 12 inches wide. Thus, for similar thread counts, a thinner package is generally a good indication that the sheets are constructed of thinner yarns in a finer weave...a sure sign of better quality!


Be careful, however, in making your assessment: Some manufacturers will include cardboard in the package to help it stand up in the display, which may make the package look bulkier. Also, ensure that the packaging tightly encloses the contents. And at the rick of insulting your intelligence, I’l offer the reminder to make sure you’re comparing two sheets sets of the same dimensions.


I’m grateful--now I can avoid the glare from that sales associate, peering through the shelves, watching me paw through pristine sheets sets.


I’d love to know--What tricks have you learned for finding better bed sheets?



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