In Search of Perfection: "When You Find The One!"

That Perfect Fit, That Perfect Bed Sheet

Many excited brides rhapsodize about their search for the perfect wedding dress-- “When you find the one, you just KNOW it!!”


We chuckle, yet that’s how many of us feel about the search for the ‘right’ bed sheets. As with a favorite outfit, we all have different preferences for what comprises comfortable sheets. Yet unlike that outmoded wedding garment, we have to use them over and over again! Thus the acute frustration when a new sheet does not feel as anticipated--and hence the need to know exactly what the sheet feel like before we commit to a purchase.

Prior to working with Perfect Linens, I never knew what I’d been missing. I never realized having the ‘right’ sheets made such a  difference to the bedtime experience. My own sheets had been purchased by price points and I didn’t know the terms ‘sateen’ or ‘percale’.


An Epiphany

My eyes were opened when I made the bed for the first time with Perfect Linens’ first product, the Light-As-Air sheet. This incredible sheet elevated even the simple act of making the bed, let alone sleeping in it. At last I’d crossed the threshold into a world where sheets really do make a difference to a night's sleep!

As part of the job,  I’ve been appraising quality sheets both on and off the bed; before, during, and after washing. Handling and assessing multiple fine sheets of various weaves and material has given me an understanding of sheets, and textiles overall. I keep a record of amount of lint lost during washings, weight of the sheet sets, and record observations about how each feels (to me!) These findings are a supplement to the objective data gained in laboratory testing, and to analyzations from our consultants in different parts of the world! You can see why I'm so excited to get into bed each night...

What experiences have you had when searching for the sheets that feel just right? I'd love to know. Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook page!