Tale of two purchases

They say a picture says 1,000 words.  So can a fabulous picture say 1,000 fabulous words?  This was the challenge we faced when we created our infographic, which shows very different experiences buying sheets.   

Infographics depict complex processes and statistics.  They are essential tools in our data-drunk, image-driven world.  


Plain pictures are interesting.  In our information age, pictures with data are more interesting! A new form of art has evolved, the Infographic: a cross-section of pictures with graphs. 

The picture part is beautiful and balanced:


 The graph part is accurate and informative:

Perfectlinens Infographic: is it even possible?

It wasn’t easy to create our Infographic. How could we picture what you go through when buying How can we picture the superior experience you would have with Perfectlinens.com? 

Our first draft was about 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide:


And here is the latest version – which still needs work: 

100,000 Words!

If a good Infographic says 10,000 words, we hope you find it worth a few thousand words.  Does this infographic tell you what we do differently – are we on the right track?  Please add your comment by clicking on share buttons  below.


"Our mission on behalf of customers – achieved through extensive scientific testing – is to identify sheets which truly deliver exceptional comfort, and tell customers how these exceptional sheets will feel after multiple washings and uses."