We need Starbucks sheets!

It's practically a spectator sport to overhear customers ordering their Starbucks coffee. The level of "coffee personalization" at Starbucks requires a specialized vocabulary and baristas that are highly trained.



 The Options Are Endless

Starbucks has reported 19,000 or even 55,000 coffee variations!  We are keenly aware of differences between one coffee and another. Each of us has our own preferred variation that "hits the spot."  


Do we have preferences for our sheets?  

And yet, sleep is more important than coffee.  We use sheets for at least one third of our lives - but there are very few variations.  We need more customization for our bedding.  We need Starbucks sheets:

Coffee before Starbucks:

Sheets before Starbucks:

Regular or decaf

Cotton or polyester

Black; Regular; Regular with sugar

Sateen; percale; flannel

Hot or iced


Starbucks: all the above plus

Sheets today: all the above plus

Over 10 seasonal blends

Microfiber (polyester)

3 different roasts

Hotel sheets




Frappuccinos ®

Lattes, Mistos

Low calorie options

Vanilla, Caramel and other flavorings

We Don't Know What We're Missing!

Is it perhaps that we're just not aware of our sheet preferences?  We were happy with diner coffee in pre-Starbucks days, remember?

The last sheet breakthrough was about 10 years ago, after a few luxury hotels came up with a great sleep experience. For example, Westin's "Heavenly Bed."  But what improvements have been added for us lately, fellow sleepyheads?  Where can we go to find more choices, better choices and more convenient choices?  Are we still suffering the same frustration of buying sheets that we don't like after a few washings??

Are you dissatisfied with today’s sheets?  Do you have sheet preferences?  Do you want more options, more personalization?  Why should coffee drinkers get all the options?  Tell us what you think by clicking on one of the social links below!