Discount Heart Surgery?

Everyday low... everything?

Wal-Mart recently made front-page news with a story about reducing prices. "Wal-Mart ratchets up pressure on suppliers" (Wall Street Journal 4-1-15).  I'm as partial to a bargain as anyone, but are you getting tired of hearing this same song over and over again?  "Everyday low prices." "Always low prices." "Guaranteed lowest prices." "It's all about low pricing."

Please allow me to conduct a little experiment: can you imagine seeing billboards for:
"Door-Buster Dialysis!" 
"Today's Special Surgery: Lasik -- second eye half-price."
"BOGO Hip Replacement!”

Of course not!!!  Some things are worth paying for.  You don’t choose your doctor based on price.  You choose a doctor based on his experience and reputation; the one whom you trust will provide you the best possible outcome.

Back to my experiment to see there's more to some decisions than the lowest price... How about rolling back... to quality?  I don't mean luxury here; I don't mean paying ridiculously high prices for a designer or a brand name that adds practically nothing to the quality of sheets.  I mean actual quality: comfortable-ness, well fitting; a sheet that meets or even exceeds your expectations.

Sleep your way to health:

There are literally hundreds of articles describing how sleep affects our health.  Improved sleep reduces obesity, increases IQ, helps us relate better to our partners, make better decisions, etc., etc.  And many articles say that as a nation we are not getting enough sleep!!!  

Don’t buy a set of sheets because they seem like a good deal.  Find a retailer who will tell you all the qualities of your sheets -- how they feel when you sleep.  Sheets can be the difference between a fitful night of tossing and turning, and a healing night of bliss.  Treat your sleep like medicine; research your sheets as you research your doctor and don’t buy a set of sheets because of a low price!!!

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