Divorced Couples Registry?

Marriage is gotten so difficult recently that it seems half of us aren't up to the challenge. The lost opportunity for happiness is untold when the percentage of marriages that fail has reached 54 percent! 


Divorce experts recommend the cleanest and sharpest possible break from the past.  Children, money, furnishings – these are major complications in difficult divorces.  But no matter what are the circumstances, a new beginning is unavoidable.  

Does anything help??

Recently a divorcing friend told me her parents surprised her with a set of luxurious new sheets.  She described how comforting they were… a saving balm and a break from the colors, smells and intimacies of the past.  They provided her a place where she could regain the important feelings of safety, calm and regeneration. Her new sheets helped her nurture a fragile sense of independence.



Can changing sheets help to change your life?

Of all the insights she provided, the most interesting was my friend's recommendation that anyone suffering a divorce start with new sheets.  In fact, start with new sheets that are different from those used in their past.  For example, if sateen sheets were favorites before, a change to percale, jersey or flannel sheets can signal - in a small and intimate way - that something new is beginning.  And even the most expensive sheets cost a fraction of a divorce.

My friend described how every night she felt different as she climbed into her new bedding and fell into the unconsciousness of sleep, "that balm of hurt minds... nature’s soft nurse… that knits up the raveled sleeve of care." (William Shakespeare)


I wasn't surprised that new sheets were important to my friend's recovery.  Sleep is an innately intimate experience. Perhaps receiving new sheets from her parents also contributed to her relief?  

If you know of anyone suffering a divorce, new sheets may help your friend as they surely helped mine.  I would appreciate if you would pass along any such stories.