Company's Coming! Tips for Creating the Perfect Guest Room

If overnight guests are due to arrive for the holidays, don't panic. We've rounded up a few ways to keep the guest room cozy, inviting, and above all, comfortable!


  • First impressions count! The guest room doesn't need to be fancy, but cleanliness is a must. Shine up all surfaces and windows--the winter light has a way of highlighting streaks. Good Housekeeping suggests to take a good long look at the guest room as your guests will view it. Lie on the bed or sit in the chair and see if you spot any wayward dust bunnies from that vantage point. This way you can avoid the ultimate embarrassment: guests discover those cobwebs you overlooked from the doorway.


  • We know that all sleepers prefer different temperatures at night. Blogger Meg from Green with Decor blog keeps a fan in her guest room in case her company needs to cool down. Some guests may even enjoy the fan as a noise machine-- I personally use one when I visit my family, a household of 13 when all are home!


  • For a special little touch and easy air freshener, Road to Domestication owner Kristin adds a scented candle the the bedside table in her guest room. Of course, you may decide not to leave the matches there as well if children are visiting!


  • We live in a modern age, and your guests no doubt arrive with smart phones and tablets they'll want to check before turning in. Christian of My Simple Modest Chic presents her guests with the home wifi password on a card on the nightstand.


  • Finally, we couldn't agree more with In Style on the most important part of the guest room experience: the bedding. Ensure that your guests will slide in between comfortable, high-quality sheets!  Perhaps the bedroom isn't decorated in the scheme of your dreams, but all will go unnoticed when your company enjoys a most restful night on amazing linens.

Of course, you can't predict the exact bedding preference of each guest, so it's safe to have a light weight, soft cotton sheet set on hand for them.  To ensure sleepers of all temperature preferences are happy, provide blankets of various weight and texture. They can choose to add more blankets if they prefer a heavier, warmer feel while asleep. For the ultimate in luxury, you might consider investing in both a set of summer and  winter appropriate guest sheets. Imagine how impressed your loved ones will be as you ask them for their "sheet preference" before they arrive! Now that's treatment you won't even find in a five star hotel.

Confidence that your guest room is fully prepared will allow you to relax, and be at your best as host or hostess when they arrive. Enjoy your special time with friends and family!

What are your best tricks for preparing the guest room? What kind of bedding do you keep on hand for your guests? Let us know below!