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Eco Friendly Luxury

April 08, 2017

If you would have told me about bamboo sheets 15 years ago, I would have thought you were crazy. Sheets made of bamboo? You mean you want me to sleep on the stuff that I most closely associate with a panda bear's lunch? I wouldn't have thought that sounded very appealing... unless you're a panda. 

Now bamboo textiles are all the rage. And you don't have to be a panda bear to enjoy them. Of course, we've heard your requests for bamboo sheets. We've scoured the globe for the BEST bamboo sheets out there. Every manufacturer claimed theirs were the best so we put them to the test -- we evaluated almost a dozen 'Rayon from Bamboo' sheets with our unique RealFeel fabric comfort analysis.  Our new sheets, Luxe Bamboo, are superb. They offer you all the advantages of bamboo while still being the luxurious product you've come to expect from us. You should expect nothing less from Perfectlinens.com.

All bamboo sheets are actually made using a steam and chemical process that reduces the bamboo fibers into a pulp slurry.  The US Government identifies the pulp as unrecognizable from Rayon, so legally all true bamboo sheets are described as "Rayon from Bamboo" or "Bamboo Viscose." Some so-called 'bamboo sheets' are falsely labeled when the manufacturer uses polyester or uses different types of trees (not bamboo).  Luxe Bamboo sheets are made from pure bamboo rayon.

So what are the advantages of bamboo?

Texture: The texture of bamboo sheets are unlike anything you've felt before. They have an unparalleled combination of drape and elasticity. Because bamboo holds a higher water content than cotton (50% more!), bamboo bed sheets are the closest a fabric can be to feeling like a liquid.  The bamboo's unique cell structure bends twice as easily as cotton, and stretches three times more. The result is that Luxe Bamboo sheets are exceptionally soft and are better than even the best cotton sheets for flow-over-your-skin pliability.

Coolness: Do you yearn for cool sheets during the sweltering summer months? Luxe Bamboo are sheets that feel cooler. Again, because of the high water content, these sheets feel instantly cool to the touch. If you need sheets that keep you cool all night, if you have night sweats, if you need cool touch sheets... Luxe Bamboo is a perfect solution.

Breathability: If you require breathable sheets, look no further. Luxe Bamboo sheets have a superior ability to wick away moisture compared to cotton, microfiber or silk sheets (only pure linen sheets are better!). These sheets are pliable, but not suffocating you. Luxe Bamboo feels amazingly light next to your skin, you'll never want to leave your bed.

Anti-Bacterial: The anti-bacterial property of bamboo viscose reportedly eliminates odor-forming microorganisms. Factory laboratory tests with Luxe Bamboo show 90% of bacteria were killed in 1 hour and 99.7% within 24 hours. Perfectlinens.com has not yet confirmed these claims, but we are hard at work for you!

Eco-Friendly: Bamboo is grown without fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides. It absorbs 40% more carbon dioxide than cotton and 5 times more than most trees.

All of this sounds great, right? So what makes Luxe Bamboo sheets different from all the other bamboo sheets out there?

Luxe Bamboo sheets are much more resistant to pilling than any other bamboo sheet available. How is that possible? Luxe Bamboo sheets are produced using a twill weave. Why does that matter? Well, twill is an incredibly durable weave. So durable, in fact, your favorite pair of blue jeans are produced using a twill weave structure. And you know how hard you are on those jeans! The twill weave makes Luxe Bamboo sheets durable and long lasting. Plus, the unique weave means they do not wrinkle as easily as typical bamboo sheets. 

The moment you slip into your new Luxe Bamboo sheets, you will immediately notice the quality, superior texture, and amazing coolness these sheets have to offer. You can rest easy knowing that your choice of sheets are eco-friendly while still being luxurious and high quality. You don't have to be a panda bear to understand why you need Luxe Bamboo in your life.


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