Welcome, Autumn!

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

--L.M Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables


As you sip your first Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL for those in the know) of the season, it's difficult not to get caught up in the excitement of fall. Pumpkin patches, baked treats fresh out of the oven, cranberry spice, a fire in the fireplace, football, and of course, warm sheets! Saturdays in the fall were made for cuddling in warm sheets with a steamy latte until your favorite college game starts. And of course, what is better than snuggling into your cozy warm sheets after an afternoon of raking leaves in the crisp late October air? And we all know that quality, warm sheets are just the thing to hide under during spooky Halloween movies! So as you usher in what is arguably everyone's favorite season, start thinking about new warm sheets for your bedroom sanctuary. We have some ideas.


Toastmaster microfiber sheets are a luxurious brushed microfiber offering from Perfectlinens.com. Their permanently soft, fuzzy texture wraps you in a warm hug on those cold autumn nights. Of all the warm sheets we tested (and we tested A LOT of warm sheets) Toastmaster microfiber sheets ranked the best for no pilling and smoothest, least scratchy over time. You know we test our warm sheets through multiple washes, right? Because of that, we can tell you they don't shrink and they're colorfast. Toastmaster microfiber sheets come in a wide assortment of colors so your warm sheets can also be festive!  Uncommonly drapable, Toastmaster microfiber sheets sit closer to the body than cotton flannel for an experience that feels like a warm embrace. If you are a cuddler, Toastmaster microfiber sheets are the warm sheets you need on your bed this fall.

"After my first purchase I was so pleased that I ordered another set. They are soft and cozy but not hot. When I dry them there is no lint! Amazing! That to me is quality." -- Rebecca B., Perfectlinens.com customer


Let It Snow

Let It Snow flannel sheets are the best pure cotton flannel sheets available. Our rigorous testing found that they have the least amount of pilling possible with extended use. The breathable combed-cotton fabric of Let It Snow flannel sheets feels paper-towel dry to your skin. You'll have no feelings of smothering or melting as with brushed polyester sheets. They're beefier than other flannel sheets at 5 oz./sq yard, so these warm sheets won't let you down. Let It Snow flannel sheets are made in Portugal. Their fuzzy surface takes the chill out of climbing into bed on freezing cold nights.

"These sheets are wonderful unlike any Ive owned. soft warm and cozy. these are going to be a winter staple in my house !! Perfect for the cold nights and for once I'm looking forward to winter time. The white color is bright and cheery." -- Jeanine, Perfectlinens.com customer.

While planning your trip to the pumpkin patch, apple pie baking extravaganza and late night horror flick viewings, consider what sheets you will be resting your bones in at night. Fall is fleeting, and you'll want to make sure you have warm sheets to savor every bit of autumnal magic. Perfectlinens.com offers only the best, warm sheets for you. 

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