Nana is BACK!

Nana is BACK!

November 15, 2017

I have particularly fond memories of staying at my Nana's house-- or as we say in Italian Nonna. You see, Italian Nonnas are basically second mothers. They make you eat your veggies, they dress you in impeccable ensembles, they have the cleanest houses, they make everything from scratch, and Nonnas ALWAYS have crisp bedsheets with hospital corners. It's all in the Italian grandmother code of conduct. And no, Nonna wouldn't let you nosh on candy and stay up past your bedtime. She's not that kind of grandmother. You will be in bed promptly at bedtime. You will not stall. You will not ask for 5 more minutes. But in return, you wake up fully rested to a huge breakfast spread... because "you're too skinny... you don't eat enough!" 

My Nonna and I are both SO EXCITED that Nana's Favorite percale sheets are back. These percale sheets are not too thick or heavy. They boast a 500 thread count. Your Nana may never give you the secret recipe for her perfect apple pie, but we won't hold back on the magic behind our sheets. The Supima® cotton of Nana's Favorite percale sheets offered the least amount of pilling during our rigorous scientific testing. You can expect these crisp percale sheets to have exceptional smoothness and softness. The crispiness of our Nana's Favorite percale sheets comes from a rare weaving process and not from a starchy finish that washes out over time. Overhand Twill (normally used for khakis and jeans) also enhances durability; Nana's Favorite percale sheets far outlast sateen or percale sheets with similar thread counts. Nana is a tough old bird, and so are these percale sheets. Nana's Favorite percale sheets are temperature-neutral -- neither hot nor cool. Nana's Favorite percale sheets are one of our top sellers. So you'll want to move fast; pick up a set for yourself AND for Nana. She deserves a little luxury.

"I only buy percale sheets and these are without a doubt the best ones I've found." Jessica S., customer

Also, don't forget: there is a new kid on the block. Our boy wonder, Supercale™ percale sheets are quickly becoming a fan favorite! 

Supercale™ percale sheets will remind you of the crisp percale sheets of your childhood. tested every sheet we could buy from the 1970s-80s-90s and compared them to over 65 percale sheets available today, from mills around the world. We finally hit upon a 100% cotton percale sheets from Italy that feels practically identical to the luxury sheets from yesteryear. 

Supercale™ percale sheets are super because not only are they crisp and cool, they are easy-care. Because of the wrinkle- release feature, there is no need to iron these sheets. Of all the percale sheets we tested, Supercale™ percale sheets were in the top 5% for coolness. Because of production advances over the last several decades, we can now accommodate longer-length cotton fibers. This lessens the number of “ends” which roughen fabric and create unsightly, uncomfortable pills (entangled fiber clusters). 

"I have the Supercale and love them!!! Best sheets I have ever slept on. And the exceptional bright white color looks so super clean!"-- Lana, customer

Whether you decide to try the new Supercale™ percale sheets or you've been eagerly awaiting the return of Nana's Favorite percale sheets, it's clear you need a set of quality percale sheets in your rotation! Try an old favorite or test out a new favorite; with our 45-Night LOVE IT Guarantee, you cannot go wrong!


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